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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I am getting really excited to bulk again. I think I can do it more successfully than last time.

Future bulk plan:

Spreadout vs. Concentrated Carbs - I am considering using Layne's carb suggestions; 10% breakfast, 35% pre workout, 20% during, 25% post and 10% spread around other meals (from this dieting article) to guide my next bulk.

It is much easier to use his numbers while on the lower end of the carb scale, however, I am wondering if maybe I gained too much fat on my last bulk because as my bulk had more carbs I drifted away from his approach and instead went with a more spread out carbs approach.

Now as I get into really high carb amounts (400+), this will mean an enormous amount of carbs for dinner (pre) and right before bed (post) because I work out in the evenings. However, as I thought about it, I think this is a good thing.

Previously, towards the end of my last bulk, I was taking in very large amount of carbs for breakfast, AM snack, lunch and PM snack and very little at night. Those meals is where the difference will be on my next bulk. I already eat a fair amount of carbs for dinner and during workout, so no worries adding a few carbs there, however, I will now be adding in some post workout which is my pre-bed meal roughly speaking.

I previously strayed from this but now I wonder why? I just finished a hard workout (withIN the last 2.5 hours anyway) and I am trying to add muscle, why not give my body the carbs when they are best equipped to handle them. Why eat the enormous breakfast hours and hours later when my body isn't as ready to use them? I will still eat a moderate breakfast, just not as large, but the 2nd main difference (aside from the pre-bed feeding) will be the snacks and lunch. Why eat all the carbs during the day when I am at a desk job and not doing anything strenuous?

So, in the end, when comparing the same amount of carbs, I am going to go with the Layne Norton-style percent system over the even spread this bulk and see if it keeps me leaner. Added bonus, I have never really carb cycled on a bulk before, with the exception of the fact that my paraworkout nutrition meant workout days were higher than non-workout days.

Now I never really know if I am going to get to workout on any given day, with two children and me trying to be a good dad, sometimes that takes precedent. However, given my previous bulk plan and the fact that I workout in the evenings, I have already consumed tons of carbs/calories by that point which may have caused additional fat gain on my bulk.

With my new plan, most of my calories and carbs will come in the evening when I know if I am going to get a workout in. So I can tailor my nutrition to my workouts. I can actually refrain from the excessive carbs on days where I won't get a workout in, or take in less if I have to do a shortened/less intense workout. I am really excited.

To summarize what I see as the benefits (while I know the benefits listed below sound completely obvious, but once you get over 400g carbs, it gets pretty difficult to manage them all):

1. More nutrition around workout
2. Less calories during low activity portions of the day
3. More flexibility to carb cycle, have lower carb days on off days


Current plan to finish off my cut:

1. Cut Paraworkout sugars in half
2. Cut out Paraworkout sugar completely - I think I can get away with this since I eat a massive dinner 1 hour pre-workout. Plus, it would only be short term.

I haven't decided how I will implement these; i.e.
A) waiting for weight loss to stall or
B) automatically implement them at weekly intervals

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