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Finally starting to lose some fat off my do I know? Well, my pants are fitting looser in the thighs now, not just the waist.

My wife saw me wearing a pair of jeans that was form fitting at 200lbs, and now getting loose in the thighs and she said, "Wow, you don't fill those out anymore." I couldn't tell if she was knocking me or complementing me, lol!

However, I KNOW it is fat, because last night, at my lowest bodyweight in over 2 years, 180.0, I set new PR's in the deficit and snatch grip DL, so I must be maintaining my muscle!


Leg Day - Low End Deadlift

Cambered Bar Deficit Deads
263 (plus 30) 383x5
413x5 - 5 lb PR - no belt!

Snatch Grip Deads
291 (plus 20) 371x3
391x3 - 5 lb PR - no belt!

Good Morning
70 (plus 20) 170x5

Did something different with jump rope today, instead of moderate intensity jumping, I did high intensity high stepping while jumping rope.

10 second intervals followed by 10 to 15 seconds rest. 15 intervals.
Done in about 6 minutes, felt awesome.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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