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Dead tired right now from working a midnight shift last night, kept myself awake by playing Civilization III, super fun game.

Weighed in higher than I’d like the last two days, it has me slightly frustrated. In trying to read more about dieting, I found information from Lyle McDonald about the "whoosh." This is the concept that sometimes your fat cells empty themselves of triglycerides only to temporarily fill up with water. Thus, giving you the effect of no progress, since the mirror and scale look the same. However, refeeds, especially a refeed where you don't consume much water, can sometimes trigger a "whoosh" whereby the water gets pull from the fat cells and either dropped or pulled into muscle cells.

I feel like my diet is on and so is my training, so it was comforting to think that there may be a logical explanation for my stagnation/slight increase in weight. And of course, it could be that I am simply taking in too many carbs! But I don’t think that is the case, because up until recently, I was dropping weight just fine at my carb levels.

I actually want to reintroduce 1/3 cup of oats at breakfast (17.5 g carbs), I took it out a few weeks ago and I think that was a mistake. I really believe my body needs (at least) that little bit of carbs in the morning. So tomorrow will be a dry refeed and after that I will add the 17.5g carbs back into my regular mornings and cut those 17.5 grams from paraworkout since I have plenty to spare there.

Final note, part of me wants to diet until I am shredded with no set date, but another part of me wants to get the diet over with (I have been dieting for over 17 weeks). I am thinking that maybe if I set a deadline, 5 more weeks for instance, than I can get more hardcore if necessary because there is a definite date by which I must achieve my leanness.


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