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Originally Posted by misterjaydubyoo View Post
Beefing them shoulders up!...haha. Nice push press PR. Also nice on the 20 rep deads. I bet that sure was fun, haha.

19 pounds in 17 weeks is excellent progress as well.
I'm trying.

I've tweaked my focus on Push Days to be more towards shoulders to help with the visual appeal of being wide.


My Father-in-Law looked at me post workout and suggested I enter a local contest. He has attended Pittsburgh bodybuilding contests and he said that I already had a better physique than some of the competitors. However, "better than some", is not enough. For me to shave and put on trunks, I would have to be shredded, and I am definitely not shredded. Legs in particular need a lot of work, plus still holding some around the waist.


Pull Day

Bent Row
120 (plus 15) 195x3, 205x3

BW, +15, 30, 45, 55, 65x5 - PR
BW+15 x 12

Bent Row
110x10, 2 sets - made both of these two sets last 30 seconds, using pauses on the top and slow eccentrics

Decline Reverse Crunch
BWx14, 3 sets

Barbell Curl
70x10, 6, 5

Jump Rope
10 x 1 minute intervals

Farmers Walk
234 x 6 sets

Not sure how far I went, but the first set was definitely over 100 meters. I use straps, I am not concerned about forearms on these, I am trying to get some bonus trap stimulation while getting the cardio benefits.

Man, I really enjoyed the farmers walk, it is totally mental. I didn't fail muscularly on one set, which in a sense, is a failure on my part. I need to get tougher, not to say that I didn't push it hard, because I did, there was burning and straining, but I never truly reached a point where the weights pulled me down due to time, increase the weights and push it harder.

While the weights I used at this workout don't look special, I continue to hit PR's and feel great in the gym. I never imagined feeling this way on a calorie deficit. I feel almost unstoppable right now. It is such an awesome feeling.

Tonight will be a day off because I work a midnight shift, no point killing my body when I won't get to rest/recuperate.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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