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SMOLOV Week #3, Day #1


Bench HYP:
205x8, 2 sets

BW+15x15, 3 sets

-300x9 seemed intimidating at first, but it actually felt really good! I must be getting stronger!!!
-I have also made some changes nutrition wise and cut back the protein but upped carbs a bit, and my body is responding nicely...i seem to be going through a growth spurt. (i was way over consuming on the protien, close to 300g a day..cut it back to about 230-250 and replaced the rest w/ cho in the form of bananas and more oatmeal at breakfast time..also added lentil soup to my lunch. found out i think i am lactose intolerant, so i cut milk back from my shakes and added more oatmeal in its place...things seem to be working!
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!

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