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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
SMOLOV Week#2, Day#4


Killer workout! seemed like i was in the gym FOREVER! on a positive note, i keep learning more and more about my squat and my form is becoming better than ever, also, my confidence in this lift is sky rocketing..i know i can finish this beast!

-on a side note, in a nutrition class I am taking, i think everyones head is about to explode. we had to do a mid term project where we track our eating for a week..well my calories are about 1,000 over what the book says, and my macros are each close to 100% above what the book bmi is 28..but my bf is <12%!!! haha I am pushing the thought that this crap is bogus on all of these people..hopefully at least one will see the light!
Sweet workout, you WILL make it through Smolov and you WILL be squatting a ton when you are done.

And regarding your nutrition class, yeah, I hope they wake up. I was just at my company picnic and they had a Health & Wellness fair, one second I was taking a computer assessment where they said I was overweight (because of stupid BMI) , the next second I was having my bodyfat tested and came in at 8.6%, go figure!

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