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Default BBS type workout # 13

Date: 27/7/10


- 8 second counts positive & negative
- 5 exercises in quick succession
- one set only
- all exercises to positive failure - or as close as I can safely get.

(Not strictly BBS which is 15 secs pos + neg, also now rotating exercises to work on weak areas - see comments on Drew Baye.

Another point is that BBS recommends specific older Nautilus machines because they have cambers which distribute the load more evenly throughout the movement - I don't have access to them.)

Shoulder Press - 87.5 lbs X 9.4 reps

Lat pull-down, narrow grip with 2 sec. ab clench:
137.5lbs X 10.6 reps

Chest Press - 87.5 lbs + loose weight X 6.5 reps

Smith Machine in-use (#@&*!!) 50lb -dumbell rows each arm to failure

Leg Press - 400 lbs X 10 reps


Next week chest press is first - will be interesting to see if I can hold on to much of the gains made on shoulder press while it was first. Will increase leg press weight to 410lbs and aim for 9 reps. Will increase lat pull down weight also by adding a loose weight.

I'm 5'10 3.4" (my wife measured me yesterday and I was disgusted to find out that I am 1/4 inch shorter than I thought I was) . My weight is between 168 and 169lbs depending on the time of day. By my calculations and the scale I am eating about maintenance calories and don't feel as though I am doing without. I still drink wine and beer socially (not competitively) most nights although I plan to cut it out for the next few days. Against that background I am making small incremental strength gains. My thinking is that increased strength has to translate into some additional muscle which over time should help with the remaining fat loss. My waist is 34.75" about 0.5" less than it was when I last tipped 168lbs. so it seems to me I am still making (slow) progress.

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