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Originally Posted by daniel0365 View Post
Sensibility comes with age!
I might be getting a bit off topic with this one, but maybe not.

The funny thing about this is I recall reading a recent fitness book that referred to an author who taught doing aerobics as the best form of exercise for fat loss. Although he did recognize that ones lean body mass will make a difference, earlier in his career he didn't give weights the attention they deserved as a means to maintain muscle mass as ones age.

The thing is that a lot of weight lifters and strength athletes are thinking on the other side of the spectrum. Some preach avoiding cardio like its the plague. And keep in mind that when guys use steroids, it makes it much easier to keep the fat off while building muscle, or even cutting while maintaining muscle.

Although I've never done much aerobics myself, all the guys I've known who have done it regularly out of pure enjoyment consistently for years, they've all been ripped to shreds. Studies even show that running for example actually helps preserve muscle as opposed to what most people think. For your average 150 lb joe it will, but probably not for a huge bodybuilder because that simply isn't what's required to have muscles that big. But it probably is enough to hold a little bit of small muscles in the legs.

I never would have guessed it myself. And perhaps it doesn't surprise me why all these so called sports scientists haven't figured it out either. Clarence Bass says that the best way to go in order to be ripped is to do both weights and cardio and give equal attention to both. I'm convinced. And I'm giving it a try. Maybe it will keep me from being as strong as I can, but I'd rather have it that way than be a fat slob.

But I actually doubt a certain amount of cardio will hinder strength gains, unless one overtrains. I had a friend who loved both weights and cardio and worked hard on both. He even used to mix them up in the same workouts. For example, he would do jump ropes in between sets of weights. He was about as strong as me and 25 lbs less. Yeah, cardio is bad for your muscles and for strength. Right. Maybe if you overdid it, and starved yourself; in that case it would. I'll try it for myself and find out the truth.
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