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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
some great compliments! I am stoked for you that you keep hitting great numbers during this cut! Does your body feel like you may stall? I know 2 years ago when i attempted my first ever "cut" as defined by bodybuilding, i eventually stalled on hitting great numbers close to 3 months in..sounds like you have a smart approach to it though.
Weight is slightly stalling, but an adjustment in macros should assist that.

Pushing strength is dropping for sure, but all else is going well.

It feels smart, thanks, it's been working so far.

Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
Awesome that you're still going heavy as well.
Is there any other way?

Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
GSP is a great person to be compared to in the physique department.
No doubt, I knew basically what he looked like, but of course, I looked him up after I got back from the pool. Pretty niced to be compared to him.

Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
I've decided to clean bulk the remainder of this year and around Jan-Feb start a legit cut done the right way. Keep up the good work you're an inspiration.
Thanks, I can't tell you how much those kind words mean. They have the added benefit of helping drive me forward as well.

Can't wait to see what you do on your cut, you already looked lean in your wrestling picture, you will be shredded if you start to lean out more.


Diet Update: - 16 weeks into diet

Bodyweight average last week: 182.4
Bodyweight average last week: 182.1

Previous macros: 2288 cal, 85 fat, 182 carb, 199 protein
New macros: 2164 cal, 84 fat, 155 carb, 197 protein

Including paraworkout - 2682 cal, 88 fat, 235 carb, 237 protein

This is a new milestone, I have never consumed less carbs than protein when INCLUDING my paraworkout nutrition in my daily totals. I hope this kicks the fat loss back in gear as I have experienced a slight stall this week.


Back toasted from deadlifts, feels great.

Sunday - church, visiting with family friends for a birthday party, then I took my kids on a bike ride and to the playground. I knew I wouldn't be able to hit it up in the gym, so I pulled some park benches together and used the playground equipment to do tons of dips. Probably busted out about 12 sets.

12 sets, each one close to failure. My chest and triceps were pumped beyond belief.

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