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So, there's about a week left, and so far I am very pleased with my results. I seem to be stuck around the 200lb mark, but I am feeling much leaner. I think 200 is going to be a good maintenance weight for me. I will probably build up to 210 once I get back from holidays, and then cut back down to around 195/200 for the fall again.

I find myself more motivated these last few weeks. Diet has remained pretty good, I am sure I could clean it up a touch more, but that gives me something to work on for my next cut. I had another great workout this morning. Day2/WO1 from the 13 week cutting program. Blood pump in these workouts is incredible. I would recommend both the program and the diet for anyone who is looking to shed a few pounds and look good for the summer months. I have lost approximately 20lbs since starting, dropped a lot of inches from those unwanted area's. I will be posting the full measurements/weigh in on wednesday the 28th.

This didn't turn out to be much of a competition, smack talk wise anyway, but hopefully Albert also got something out of it. I know I sure did.
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