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Yup been a long hard road. Still sitting around the 200lb mark. Diet has been pretty clean with a few exceptions. I am feeling pretty good for my up coming trip. I still wouldn't mind carving the abs out a bit more, but looking at it realistically, I don't think a week and a half will cut it.

Lacrosse has definitely helped with the cardio aspect of the cut. Now that my season is over (we didn't make playoffs), I will be adding in a bit more cardio for the duration of the cut. When I get back from my trip, I will be getting back to bulking. I plan to build my triceps, and back. My chest and biceps, I feel are a good size. I think my legs are with out a doubt, my strongest area. Dead lifts and squats have helped this out tremendously.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a 1.5 week burst, to end the cut? Something to get those last couple of pounds off?
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