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Mixed it up today, I felt beat up after 3 heavy days in a row, so I tried a workout that Dave Tate wrote about over at T-Muscle, Extented Tension. The whole idea is to make the set last 30 seconds. Obviously, it isn't anything revolutionary, the idea of hitting a certain TUT has been around awhile. But when you've been lifting heavy for awhile, doing a workout like this gives you an insane pump and a completely different feel, it is sort of refreshing.

Basically, you do 2 heavy sets, then reduce the weight by 50% for your final set. Each set lasts 30 seconds, so you pick an appropriate and don't worry about reps, you do partials or statics if you have to, to make it to 30 seconds. 90 seconds of rest between each set.

Push Day

DB Bench

DB Fly
22 - whoops, too light, I will bump it up next time, been ages since I did flys

DB OH Press

Cable Upright Row

Skull Crusher

Tricep Pressdown

30 seconds is a LONG time! With the exception of the occasional high rep squat set, most of my sets are no where near that long. However, the workout progressed quickly and I enjoyed it.

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