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Leg Day - Low End Deadlift

Rack Clean - from 5th pin
80x3, 5 sets to get ready for deadlifts

Cambered Bar Deficit Deadlift
248 (plus 30) 338x5
368x5 - added belt

Snatch Grip Deadlift
291 (plus 20) 351x3
371x3 - added belt, nothing left after deficit deads

Good Morning
60 (plus 20) 180x5

Farmers Walk - 100lb each side, 234lb total with weight of implements

Each set taken to near failure (I would go to complete failure, but I don't want to drop my precious farmers walk implements since I spent time and money on them)

6 sets - distance in meters
85m - added straps, wanted to get some more cardio and trap work, forearms were limiting factor
115m - really pushed it this last set

Nice vascularity in the forearms after the farmers walk, felt great.

Refeed yesterday, woke up at 182 this morning, up 1 pound from yesterday. I still have never weighed in much higher from a refeed, it's like my body just rapidly assimilates the extra carbs.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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