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Default BBS - workout # 11

Date: 10/7/10


- 8 second counts positive & negative
- 5 exercises in quick succession
- one set only
- all exercises to positive failure - or as close as I can safely get.

(Not strictly BBS which is 15 secs pos + neg, also now rotating exercises to work on weak areas - see comments on Drew Baye.)

Shoulder Press - 87.5 lbs X 8.4 reps

Lat pull-down, narrow grip with 2 sec. ab clench:
137.5lbs X 9.6 reps
[note: lost time (adding unwanted recovery time) changing grip handle]

Chest Press - 87.5 lbs + loose weight X 6.2 reps
[note: adjusted bar setting from previous user between reps 1 & 2]

Horizontal Pull-ups, overhand grip on Smith Machine with 2-3 sec clench at top - 4 "good" reps + partials

Leg Press - 400 lbs X 8 reps


Gym was busy - had to wait for a gap to start, then had to fiddle with settings on 2 exercises which throws off the results. I felt good overall but the 8th rep on leg press was harder than I had expected after last week. Did some arm + leg curls at the end of the circuit. Travelled last week and have been sloppy with the "diet". Hovering around 170lbs now.
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