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So I read about other people's refeeds where they gain 5-10 lbs on a refeed, not me, my body assimilates that extra carbs right up! 210 extra grams of carbs and I weighed in this morning at 183.5! Down 1 pound!


Leg Day

Well, I gotta start posting numbers again for my squat. It is down nearly 100 lbs. I will not re-hash the reasons, as you already know if you have been reading my journal. But it was partially neglect and recently intentional as I have other goals.

However, on a positive note, my form and depth were awesome tonight, but I can't post the videos because I was in my briefs, lol, the benefits of working out in your basement!

I am confident that when I drop the cardio and start bulking in the fall I can give my squat some attention and get it back up.

120, 170, 220, 270x3
220, 3 sets x 5 reps
245, 270, 295x1

120, 170, 206, 256, 306, 356, 386x2 - all overhand grip
411, 436x1
306x12 - 6 over hand, 6 mixed grip, switching the mixed grip after 3 reps

Did an extensive warmup for the squats like I did when I ran Smolov, it felt great, definitely helped with me keeping my arch and hitting depth.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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