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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
Getting vascular a great feeling.
I can't say it's been tough, because it hasn't, but I was almost getting bored with my cut, Here's why:

From 200 to 190, it was exciting because I was visually changing, but from 190 to 185, I wasn't making much progress visually, so to start getting more vascular felt great. I hope this will drive forward the progress.


Diet Update:

Totals will remain the same as when I changed them on June 30th.
Calories 2389, fat 87, carbs 200, protein 202 - non-workout totals.

Bodyweight average 2 weeks ago 187.7
Bodyweight average now: 184.8

Down 15.2 lbs in 13 weeks.

Weight loss was slightly more aggressive this past 2 weeks.



Off Day

Played in my mother-in-law's pool with my kids the whole afternoon, visited with family, then went home and my wife and I started cleaning out our basement for a garage "sale", (sale is in quotations, because my wife and I refuse to go through our stuff and put price tags on it, it will be a free for all give away!).

Today is leg day and a refeed, I am bloated on oatmeal right now, lol.

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