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Originally Posted by Ratcat View Post
I wonder if we should/could consciously raise our adrenaline levels before our workouts. This came about from one day when out job went bad and when I jumped out of the machine to sort things out I was pumped and ready to go. No need for a warm up just lifting steel beams and get things sorted. It would be nice to be able to do that, without drugs, before every workout.
I think this one calls for an entire thread all by itself. Its all about motivation. How bad do you want it? When I was younger and smaller it was much easier to motivate myself to want to bang out every last possible rep on a set of squats. Because I wanted to be big. Now days it takes something else to motivate me, because I already as big as I want to be. When I was training to compete in powerlifting it was a thrill to get stronger and lift more, because I know I was competing against others. When I trained for my first strongman competition, it was the fact of knowing how hard the events were and knowing that the other guy could be trying twice as hard as I was, that really made me want to give it my all and push do do every event as good and fast as I could. My powerlifting coach used to do things to make me mad so that I would try harder. It worked.

If there is a reason to work harder on your sets, you can and will. And those are the workouts that will give you the best results.
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