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Sorry to over simplify - but read and pray, read and pray.
This alone can't be it. Otherwise all christians would agree wouldn't they?
They all read and pray.

you can't read the Bible and know whether God will heal you. However, remember this, everything has a purpose.
I know I said I have a hard time determining what I believe, but I don't believe what you believe. God's will is in His word. If we cannot know God's will then it would be impossible to pray with faith and pray the way Jesus taught to pray.
If we are simply silly creatures who cannot know what God's will is then the bible failed to show what God's will is for us.
For example does God want children to die young? Does God want mothers to leave their families behind?

Maybe you should take the time to just focus on having a relationship with God. Use the prayers that Jesus modelled for us in Luke 11 as a basis for your prayer, asking/thanking God for your daily needs, praying for His will in your life, asking forgiveness of sins and forgiving others, then just spend time talking with Him.
How do you define relationship? Does God speak to you with a voice? Do you feel His presence when you spend time with Him?
All christians speak about a "relationship"´with God. How do you have a relationship with someone you don't see hear or feel? Then I can as well say I have a relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We know what's right
We'll stand and fight, it's time to rise
Come on and see
The victory before your eyes
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