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Back destroyed from Deadlifts two days ago. I love it.


Yesterday, I took a half day at work and went to an amusement park with my two boys. Wow, I am getting so old in terms or circular rides. I CANNOT handle them at all!

I grew up a roller coaster freak and that is what I love, however, the park we were at was a small one made for kids, so it was mostly spinny circular rides....ugghh, barf. I didn't puke yesterday, but I have rode those rides with my kids last year to the point of actually puking, not fun. Basically, I spent the entire day nauseous, I would ride 1 or 2 rides, then I would need a break so I didn't vomit. Once my stomach calmed I would ride another few rides. My youngest isn't tall enough to ride by himself yet, so it meant his mother (who also gets sick) and I had to keep taking turns riding with him. I am in no rush for my kids to grow up, but I seriously wouldn't mind my youngest growing a few more inches! And I really look forward to the day I can take them to Cedar Point and ride some serious roller coasters.

Off yesterday because the whole day was spent at the amusement park.

Midnight shift tonight, but I still may get in a push workout before hand.

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