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Originally Posted by superbilt View Post
I have no idea but I hope that happens to me after the buck double and bacon cheeseburger I had for lunch and the cake I had after it lol. \
Good luck.

Originally Posted by superbilt View Post

The only thing I can think of is water weight or if you weighted yourself at a different time.
Yeah, I just assumed I would retain more water after those carbs. I weighed myself at the same time, immediately upon waking.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
commander, whats your workout shake looking like? you utilize 96 grams of carbs on a cut...thats what I use, am i too low??
32g Malt, 54g Dex and a few carbs from the whey (and 2 tspn BCAA, 1tspn Creatine and some sodium). On refeed day it was some extra dextrose for 32g Malt, 95g Dex.

ABC PWO calculator (from when I was 200lbs and around 180 lean mass - well I probably had less lean mass than that, but that was the number I used for the calculator) gave me:

1.7 litres water
44g protein
90g carbs

So my normal carbs were right inline with ABC's recommendation. I don't think I would decrease this even on a cut. I might decrease carbs at all other times of the day but para-workout seems like a great time to ingest a bunch of carbs.


Off Last Night

Mowed grass, weedwacked, my children and I organized their outdoor toys into throw away, give away and keep piles, then I organized my shed. It took forever. But it was worth it, my 5 year old was especially excited to clean off the toys we were giving away. He wants some other kids to enjoy them.

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