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Diet Question for anyone with the knowledge:

Why would my bodyweight be lower the day after a refeed?

Here is the scenario, the last few days I was 187, then the morning of the refeed I was 185. So I was clearly depleted going into the refeed, I thought for sure there was going to be a weight rebound up to 187 or higher simple due to the extra glycogen and water from all the carbs I ate on my refeed day.

Well, I woke up today (I refed yesterday) and I weighed 184! A pound lighter than before the refeed and 3 pounds lighter than I had been weighing. Crazy.

Daily carbs up to 430g from 229g. Workout carbs went from 92g to 136g. So that is 255 extra grams of carbs. Calories were nearly 1000 higher than normal. The extra carbs came from oatmeal.

I would live to hear people's thoughts.

So today I haven't been strict on my diet, I added in some higher GI carbs (cheerios, toast, sweet potato fries) that I wouldn't normally have. I just figured 184 was too low too fast so I might as well refeed one more day and see what happens.[/quote]

I have no idea but I hope that happens to me after the buck double and bacon cheeseburger I had for lunch and the cake I had after it lol. \

The only thing I can think of is water weight or if you weighted yourself at a different time.
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