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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Leg Day - Deadlifts

Cambered Bar Deficit Deadlifts
313 (plus 25) 363x5
388x5 - with belt

Snatch Grip Deadlift
261 (plus 20) 361x3
381x3 - with belt

Both deadlifts were supersetted with

Rack Cleans - 5 pin (just above knee level)

Farmers Walk -
314 (280 pounds of weight plus 34 pounds for the implements)
80 feet up, grip failed, 80 feet back
274 - same as 314

Good Morning
60 (plus 20) 160x5, 170x5

Nice work....I like your farmer's walk apparatus....we are going to build one as well. I def need it to increase my grip strength and help my forearms grow.
I know the bench press is so cliche, but:
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