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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Nice, you finally got a journal up. And now we know what you look like, big! Interesting experiment switching to sumo, I've never tried it. Seems like a shorter ROM but I'm not sure if its necessarily easier. Keep us updated.
i've read that those with longer torsos should biomechanically be more efficient pulling sumo, but it's all about how you're built.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
please explain your russian twist for me. the one I am familiar with and use is done on an incline bench, holding a plate out in front of me...then twisting back on each side and sitting up. similar?
hmm, basically you sit down on a bench with either someone standing on your feet or underneath another bench, then lower yourself like you would a crunch, then explosively crunch up and twist at the end to bring your opposite elbow to the opposite knee. kinda tough to explain, i'll try to find a video.

edit: kinda like this,, but on a flat bench, and more explosive. and if you want you can hold a db like a front squat.
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