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talked to my trainer today to throw some ideas around about my plans for my next meet (next april) and how i'm going to get there. also put together my own sticking point cycle with his help. i am also switching to a sumo deadlift for a while to see where it gets me.

deadlift, 60%

rack pulls below knee, 70%

bent row


good mornings

db curl
60x5, 50x5, 40x5, 30x5, 20x5, 10x5 (dropset)

this was a pretty tiring workout. i was actually supposed to take like 10% of my conv. deadlift max and do my sumo stuff from that, but i didn't. we'll see what happens. i still might drop my max a little. the deadlifts actually didn't feel too difficult. just the mix of completely changing my mechanics along with not having deadlifted in ~ 2 months, and sets of 10 wore me out pretty quick. the rack pulls were pretty easy, even after my lower back was fried from deads. bent rows were moderate, shrugs were easy, gms were moderate, curls were curls. i might tinker around with this some more but it felt pretty good.

btw, i actually like sumo. it feels stronger with my leverages.
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