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Chest last night, had a good friend bring my back some lobster from the coast, so I had a bit of a treat for dinner last night.

Did some measurements at the gym last night, and now I can actually see the results in numerical form. Here's what the progress looks like so far. I am pretty happy for only being one month in.

Age: 27 (had a birthday early may)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 204 (down 13 pounds)
BF: No Idea on the change yet
Waist: 33" (1" change)
Chest: 43" unflexed (1" change)
Bicep: 16.5" flexed (.5" change) - need to get these back to original size, but more toned.

I am feeling much leaner. Although last night, was a terrible day in the gym. Chest felt weak, was having problems hitting my last sets. I think I need to get a good sleep. Work has been swamped, and I am in the office for long hours. Had one of my coworkers go on a vacation, which left me in the office for 1.5hours longer/day on average. I am 100% sure that this effected my performance in the gym. I am looking forward to this weekend as I need to sleep in... still feel tired today after a good 7.5 hour sleep last night. As I mentioned, I am overall happy with my progress in my first cut ever. Only 2 more months to go. I think I will be concentrating on the lifting end of things a little bit more, and not so much the cardio, not that I have been trying to do a whole pile of cardio, but it just seems to be how things have panned out with lacrosse and whatnot.
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