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Oh... one last thing. Since it was my first lacrosse game back in a short while, my coach elected to put me on Defence. Now I am normally an offensive player, but I can understand why he would question my ability to handle the ball under pressure. However, since my bulk over the winter months, I have indefinately increased the power of my hitting. I was knocking around guys weighing from 170 - 240lbs. I was very impressed with the strength in my shoulders/chest/arms and legs. A few guys commented on when I knocked down a guy that was 6 inches taller than me, and had at least 30lbs on me. (I am 5'10 - probably around 205 now). Another thing I was impressed with was my agility, no one got around me, and there are some pretty agile players around here. This is probably the result of shedding some excess weight.

I am very pleased with how this cut is coming along, to say the least. The whole process of bulk/cut seems to have affected quite a few aspects of my life, from social to sports.
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