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Weekend was excellent. I am seeing probably the biggest results I have ever seen. I know this is accounted 90% from diet. I am down 12 lbs today since starting (may 1st). Workouts have been intense. Last night I was physically drained after practice. What basically is the equivalent to HIIT for 1.5 hours, fricken kills me. My cardio is sky rocketing, since I took the last 1 and a half seasons off. Oatmeal is starting to become one of my best friends... keeps me full when I see everyone else in the office eating chips and chocolate bars. (which I imagine Moses is doing right now).

Albert... even if I did have a slip on the weekend (which I did not), it will still not equate to the unnecessary amount of carbs you are getting from breads and cookies. Better cut that down a bit, or you will look like the michellin man! haha
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