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Default BBS - workout # 3

Third Body by Science type training session - We had friends visiting and I missed a week - had no car to get to gym. Diet also went to hell in a bucket. FV missed the following week - feeling sick. When you only have one session a week missing one really cancels any potential benefit I expect. Anyway:

Date: 3/5/10


Exercise 1. Leg Press - 200 lbs
12 reps

Exercise 2. Chest Press - 50 lbs
8 reps

Exercise 3. Lat pull-down, narrow grip with 2 sec. ab clench - 75 lbs
7 reps

Exercise 4. Shoulder Press - 50 lbs
1.75 reps

Exercise 5. Single arm rows on bench - 25lb dumbell
3.5 reps left arm
4 reps right arm

Comment - said she had a good session. Said she corrected the row weight up to 30 lbs when she realized it was lower than the previous week. Said she was feeling stronger generally. Her diet has not been good - no weight loss. When asked she said she did 6 counts. On that basis she dropped back. We will see how it goes on her next session.

Date: 10/5/10

OliverF: 8 second counts positive & negative

Exercise 1. Leg Press - 380 lbs
8 reps
(Very good set for me given the increase in weight couldn't quite straighten legs at the end of last rep but was basically a full rep. Got good deep knee bend on all).

Exercise 2. Lat pull-down, narrow grip with 2 sec. ab clench - 125 lbs
7.75 reps
(disappointed that there was negligible improvement)

Exercise 3. Chest Press - 87.5 lbs + loose weight
5.5 reps
(no improvement - v. tired at this point of circuit. Found myself thinking about it being hard on the grip / forearms)

Exercise 4. Shoulder Press - 87.5 lbs (reduced weight)
2.5 reps
(disappointed with this obviously)

Exercise 5. Horizontal Pull-ups, overhand grip on Smith Machine
3.5 reps and some partials
(this and shoulders are a weak area for me - in 2 weeks time I plan to do those 2 exercises first)


Although disappointed with the later exercises I really felt it that night - it affected my sleep and noticeable stiffness the following 2 days. I think I got close to 100% on leg press and was drained. Overall it was probably not a bad session. I checked my weight - despite a week on the beer I am holding steady at about 175. Will focus on tightening up the diet a bit over the next few days - about 10 lbs of fat to go. If I don't start dropping again I will work in a Tabata protocol interval session once a week although that is totally not what BBS is about but I think they have more self control on the diet side than me.
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