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So... it's been exactly 11 days since I started, and I was absolutely astounded when I stepped on the scale this morning. I am down to 209. Looks like the hard work is paying off! I am noticing my shoulders and chest becoming more defined, slowly but surely. My waist is definately thinning rapidly. I am down one loop on the belt, and my "work jeans" are now hanging on by the belt only. I will need to buy a new pair next week if I keep up this pace (which i don't think will happen, but who knows.)

This mornings workout was as follows


Leg press - feet close/low
12x 450
10x 450
8x 450
12x 360

Leg press - feet high/wide
12x 630
10x 630
8x 630
12x 540

Leg Press - feet mid/toes out
12x 450
10x 450
8x 450
12x 360

Calf raises standing - super set w/ below
20x 180
15x 180
12x 180
25x 155

Seated Calf raises
15x 135
20x 115
25x 90
30x 45 (by this point, calves felt like they were on fire - thank god for BCAA's/glutamine)
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