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This weekend was a bit of a gong show, being that it was my birthday. Managed to keep the diet in check, but had a few vodka/waters. Stayed away from any soda's and beers, which are normally my down fall. Diet was still very good, can't remember everything I ate, but I know everything fell within the guidelines. Actually, I did have one peice of my mom's cake. I couldn't turn that down, but now back to the grind. Workouts were minimal, as the weekend was very busy.

Tonight I have lacrosse practice (1.5 hours of basically HIIT - Sprint 20-30 seconds, then off).

So far I have seen some good results, pants starting to fit a bit loser, managed to drop a loop in my belt, chest/shoulders/arms are starting to show a bit more definition (very little but noticable none the less). Diet today has been very similar to last week; chicken, brown rice, veggies (lots) and water. Not sure whats on the menu for tonight, but I will not stray from my path!
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