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Ended up taking the night off last night, due to working late. Muscles feel much harder than normal, think the 13 week program definately serves it purpose in putting a lot of blood into the muscle. I weighed myself and it shows me being down 2 pounds. So far I have had a craving for a subway sandwich for about 30 minutes, but then I told myself I had to show up the hermaphrodite neanderthal I face in this competition. He is only 23, so he still thinks he is invincible. I being the slightly older/wiser competitor, know this will take more than stuffing honey drenched chicken breasts and sugary fruits down my throat. Speaking of sugary fruits... ah never mind hahaha

On a side note, 3.5mph on the treadmill at home for 5k does not count as a run. Crank it up there beefcake.

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