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Tuesdays eating was very similar to monday's (left over taco salad too - which was delicious)

Tuesdays WO
Day 2/ WO 1

Barbell bicep curls - superset with below
12x 80
10x 80
8x 80
10x 60

Dips (machine)
12x 205
10x 205
8x 205
10x 185

Behind bench - 1 arm incline curl - superset w/ below
12x 30
10x 30
8x 30
12x 25

One arm dumbell extensions
12x 35
10x 35
8x 35
12x 30

Incline dumbell curl - superset with below
12x 30
10x 30
8x 30
12x 25

Tricep cable press downs
12x 90
10x 90
8x 90
12x 70

Reverse Wrist curl w/ easy bar - superset w/ below
20x 50
15x 50
10x 50
failure = 7 w/ 90lbs

Wrist curls w/ easy bar
20x 80
15x 80
10x 80
failure = 6 w/ 80lb

Was able to keep a good pace throughout the whole workout. Today my chest is on fire (burns so good!!!) haha. Arms are nice and tight. Energy levels are back to normal - i think?-

I am beginning to think that I should move this to the individual training forum, as Moses seems to be abscent. Hopefully he is training harder than he is recording his progress! I mean, I am sure I will win, but I wouldn't mind mocking his attempts to stick with me along the way.


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