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Day 1/WO 1
- Most of these Wo's are strip sets while super setting. I am essentially using the 13 week fat burning program. Last night in the gym, the first half of the workout felt awesome, was lifting great, and then all of a sudden, just over half way through my energy levels dropped off, and I felt like a life sized version of Gumby. I will definately need to make some adjustments to my portion sizes and add in an pre wo shake.

On these workouts, there are no real resting periods, basically enough time to set up the weights, grab a swig of xtend and keep going. All chest excersizes are super setted with a back excersize to keep the blood moving.

Decline bench
12x 205
10x 205
12x 155

Wide Grip Pull downs
12x 180
10x 180
12x 160

Incline Bench
12x 205
10x 185
8x 185

Close Grip Pulldown
12x 180
10x 180
8x 170

Flat Dumbell Bench (1 and a halfs) - these feel like someone is jabbing a knife into my pecs
10x 45's
8x 45's
6x 45's

Bent over rows -reverse grip - hold at top
15x 50
12x 50
15x 40

Non- Peak Dumbell flys - by now my chest feels like mashed potatoes mixed with pain.
12x 35's
10x 35's
12x 30's

Side Laterals
12x 25's
Hold 30 seconds - this hurts more than landing on a bike with no seat
Flex 30 seconds - this is what I imagine death feels like

Front raises
12x 25's
Hold 30 seconds
Flex 30 seconds

Seated rear delt laterals
12x 25's
1 min flex - after 30 seconds my delts felt like they had been lit on fire, but I managed to hold out for the full minute. Man does this work though.

Hack Squat machine shrugs w/ partial reps
15x 195
20x 180
25x 160

As you can see, I was not concentrating on moving big weight to start. I wanted to make sure my form was good, and that I would be able to keep up a good pace throughout the whole work out. Even with my energy levels dropping, I still was able to bang it all out. Today I feel good. This morning I was a bit more hungry than normal.

more to follow.
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