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Default Jones Vs. Moses - THE CUT

Well here it is Gents...
A good friend of mine, along with myself are going on a 3 month "cut". The rules are:
1. No Steroids - this goes for you Moses!
2. Post your progress - workouts/meals if you want.
3. Lots of Smack talk

The duration of our contest will be over 3 months. Before and after (maybe progression) pictures will be posted.

Moses, please be prepared to be embarrassed by a truly superior athlete with god-like genetics. When we are done "the cut", I will be asked by numerous hollywood agents to be the star in the next Spartacus series or 300 movie. While you, if so blessed, may be asked to be the "before" picture in a poorly written hydroxycut ad.

All jokes aside, this will be purely for motivation between the two of us. If anyone would like to chime in at any time or join us, please feel free. All comments and advice is appreciated. There is no prize for winning or criteria for winning for that matter, simply the satisfaction of watching the results take form, all while motivating in an entertaining manner.

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