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Default BBS - workout # 2

Second Body by Science type training session - 8 day gap since first training session. I have been watching my diet more and have lost a pound or two. My biceps are smaller than when I stopped doing the split routine. Definitely off-putting but if this works the extra free time is a huge bonus. I felt a bit rushed on the reps last week with a 5 sec. counts so we tried slowing it down to 7 sec. pos. and neg. counts.

Date: 27/4/10


Exercise 1. Leg Press - 360 lbs
8 reps
(didn't strictly fail on a rep but barely made the 8th - increase weight next week).

Exercise 2. Lat pull-down, narrow grip with 2 sec. ab clench - 125 lbs
7.5 reps
(to failure - improvement over last week because done earlier in the circuit)

Exercise 3. Chest Press - 87.5 lbs + loose additional weight
5.5 reps
(to failure - good enough effort with added weight)

Exercise 4. Shoulder Press - 100 lbs
1.75 reps
(need to reduce this weight - worse than last week because the previous exercises were done with more intensity)

Exercise 5. Single arm rows on bench - 55lb dumbell
3.5 reps left arm
4 reps right arm
(hard exercise to maintain strict form - will try using smith machine bar next week instead)

FashionVictim ("FV"):

Exercise 1. Leg Press - 200 lbs
6 reps
(FV tried to negotiate for 180 lbs. She probably had another rep at the end but it was the most intense leg exercise I have seen her do to date).

Exercise 2. Lat pull-down, narrow grip with 2 sec. ab clench - 75 lbs
4.75 reps
(to failure - good form and effort here throughout. The 7 sec. counts work much better)

Exercise 3. Chest Press - 50 lbs
4.25 reps
(to failure - good set here)

Exercise 4. Shoulder Press - 50 lbs
1.5 reps with assist on 2nd
(need to reduce this next week with the slower count)

Exercise 5. Single arm rows on bench - 30lb dumbell
6.5 reps left arm
6.5 reps right arm
(good effort on this exercise considering how hard it is to maintain form - better than my set)

Overall comments for both
Another V. quick workout. FV did great this week. Both wiped out after in a good way. Some tinkering to do with weights for next week. Slowing the reps down was better. Still felt rushed on some exercises. May aim for 10 sec.s each way next week.
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