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Default BBS - workout # 1

Training log OliverF & wife "FashionVictim":

Ages 42 & 41

First Body by Science type training session - trying to find our weights so that we could reach failure in less than 6 reps with pos. and neg. counts of 5 secs. One circuit, no breaks between exercises, keep breathing evenly throughout. Bear in mind we are doing this for the health benefits - no impressive weights will be posted here

Date: 19/4/10


Exercise 1. Leg Press - 270 lbs
12 reps
(wimped out before true failure, weight too light for a quick failure - increase weight next week).

Exercise 2. Single arm rows on bench - 50lb dumbell
4.5 reps left arm
5.5 reps right arm
(poor form generally - would prefer a machine seated row but gym has none)

Exercise 3. Lat pull-down, narrow grip with 2 sec. ab clench - 125 lbs
5.5 reps

Exercise 4. Chest Press - 87.5 lbs
6.25 reps

Exercise 5. Shoulder Press - 100 lbs
2.75 reps


Exercise 1. Leg Press - 130 lbs
11 reps
(wimped out before true failure, weight too light - increase weight next week).

Exercise 2. Lat pull-down, wide grip with 2 sec. ab clench - 75 lbs
6.5 reps
(she was supposed to use narrow grip but by the time I realized it she was into the set so I let her go. She skipped some of the ab clenches)

Exercise 3. Chest Press - 50 lbs
7.5 reps
(fairly good set here - got to failure)

Exercise 4. Shoulder Press - 50 lbs
2.5 reps with assist on 3rd
(started on 62.5 lbs and couldn't move it so we decreased the weight, but it spoiled the exercise. She then took a drink at the water cooler and got side-tracked chatting to s/o for 30 sec.s)

Exercise 5. Single arm rows on bench - 25lb dumbell
6 reps left arm
7 reps right arm

Overall comments for both
V. quick workout. Interesting post-work-out feeling - continuing shortness of breath for about 5 mins. Obviously both need to adjust weights up and down to bring within target range.
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