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army pt test today...did very well

71 pushups in 2 min.
77 situps in 2 min
2mile run time: 11:57

-this is the best I have felt going in/after. the only thing changed was I did pre/peri nutrition
-I pushed for 2 straight minutes, would have done better, but my timing was set from my last pt once i figure out of im good to go next time again, ill get more!
-as for the run..who, i guess my 1/4 mile sprints payed off!

-also, according to army, at 72" and 205 lbs i am overweight....even tho according to the tape (which was done very sloppy and my caliper says 11-12 %)..i am 14% out of control!!! haha

Bench Hyper tomorrow!

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