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WM Cycle, workout #9

Squat Heavy

BB Squat: 325x6
365x1 (missed 1 rep, will get it next time)

Front Squat: 185x5, 2 sets (will bump it up next time, first time I did f. squats in 2 years, just getting the motion right)

Chins: BW+45x5, 2 sets (full hang, 1 sec pause at bottom)

DE Deads: 240x2, 2 sets
265x2, 2 sets

**2 old guys kept watching me squat, and after each set had to make a comment how "i did that when i was young...then herniated a disc"...well old man, maybe your form shoulda been right then now huh!?!? it annoyed me to say the least.
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