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thanks greg...continue to follow along, more damage to be done!!!

WM Cycle, Workout #8

Bench HVY
BB Bench: 205x6
230x7 (PR)
CG Bench: 185x5, 3 sets
Inc Bench: 185x5, 2 sets
Dips: BW+70x5, 2 sets

***BENCH*** Are you kidding me!?!??! I know I got stronger, and I havent done traditional bench in a while...but holy last personal record was 225x7-8, after S.S. I was struggling w/ just 5 reps. today after the lift off, i told my spotter i was going for 2, and it felt light...cranked out 7..i think 8, but he said 7, so ill go w/ the short side...EASY! This brings my new max to 283, I am going to recalculate my percentages, im not worried about the hyper and de days...and i only have two more heavy days...i cant shortchange myself anymore...time to bump it up!
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