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Osgood-Schlatter disease, it is swelling of the patella ligament attaching the kneecap to the tibia. hurt like hell and as a result i have a small bump of bone where the ligament attaches, just randomly grew, i'll post a pic later after work. it wasnt serious but just annoying as sports activity hurt like mad. they claim no further complications once you stop growing but ive always suffered pain in that knee especially over the winter months and after playing football or doing any sports. Being a bowler at cricket didnt help. Ive been the docs and i have quadricep tendonitis, ive been told to lay off squatting for a few weeks and to do leg curls and extentions but very light to maintain strength. i spoke to my doc about occlusion training for legs in the meantime and i got a very funny look! Had a good dicussion about it actually and they have told me to be extremely careful if i use it during recovery.
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