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Day 57. non linear split
Squat hypertrophy. 04/06/2010


end of story

Leg extentions

Leg curls

Standing calf raises
135x17 drop to 90x7
135x14 drop to 90x4
120x13 drop to 75x4 drop to 60x5

I couldnt squat today, my knee was really hurting in the bottom position and shortly after stopping half way through my warmups, as listed above it began to swell.
Leg extentions felt ok except i couldnt full peak the contraction as that added to the pain in my knee. calves felt ok, ive decided to cycle between occlusion and drop sets for calves to try and add some definition and work with heavier weight from time to time.
Tomorrow - day off and visit to the doctors to see what is wrong. ive got a feeling it is quadricep tendonitis and general overworking of the whole knee joint as this knee has always been weak since having Osgood-Schlatter disease as a teenager and tearing my ACL in the same knee 18 months ago.
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