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Oh and the other two questions, i stuck with it because lately i have become kind of aimless, i am a jack of all trades, master of none. I mean i don't want to blow my own trumpet but for my age i was very good at football, hockey and sprinting. I am also quite talented at art and creative writing, but i get bored very easily as soon as something doesn't challenge me i switch off, or i'll get half way through and then want to do something else. With bodybuilding it is a constant challenge, there are always new targets, more muscle to gain, different things to learn to make what you're doing optimal. It gives me some focus at a time of my life where i don't know where i'm heading and the sense of achievement you get from reaching your targets is great.

Football wise I think the USA are a decent side and will give England a good game, i don't think they will beat them as Fabio Capello is doing a great job. I am an Arsenal fan till i die, supported them since i was old enough to understand football, so does all my family, so of course i want them to win the champions league, and after that 5-0 slapping of porto and no more chelski or real madrid i think we have a very good chance.
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