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I have recently been reading the "in the well" threads and thought they were a great idea and then thought i wonder if i'll ever be in the well, coincidence? who knows...

Hmm what got me into lifting, well i have always been quite small when i started secondary school (age 12) i was 5'5" can't remember how much i weighed, but my size didn't really affect me i excelled in sports football and sprinting were my strong points, was never bullied as i come from quite a tough background and knew a lot of people but when i left secondary (age 16) i had grown a total of 4" and not put on much weight, so as i got older i became more selfconscious about my size, it didn't help that my younger brother was already about 6 foot tall. One day i was at my nans house and i was in what used to be my older brother's room from when he lived there, he used to do weight training and boxing when he was younger and there were a few books he had left behind one was called 'Muscle' by Ian King and Lou Schuler i got reading it and thought if nature is not making me any bigger then i'll take it into my own hands, i bought some cheap *** weight and bench set, you know the plastic ones that are filled with plaster or some **** and started messing about with that for a year or so, saw a few changes but not much. Then when i knew i was going to uni and would be preparing my own meals i looked into the nutritional side of BB, stumbled across ABC did all my research, asked anoying questions for a good few months and then got Started. Sorry for the long *** post
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