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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
I have been feeling much DOMS on this program which I definitely believe means more calories burned because my body is obviously being forced to repair the sore/damaged tissue.

It is early to make much of an assessment, but I will say that I think the adjustments you made to the percentages was a good choice as I have struggled hitting those percents on Strength days. I think the set up is brilliant, giving each muscle group 2 days completely off before being hit again in some manner and the alternating hyper, strength and DE days. And having 2 weeks before coming back to the repeat workout really gets you pumped to beat it. I have now done 3 workouts for the 2nd time, and I beat my previous performance each time.

What did you think of my tweak? Adding in the lower weight power set

I feel you on the DOMs my left calf is shot, i can barely walk on it. as for everything else i love the DOMS you get from hypertrophy chest and leg workouts. And i always find myself eating more the week i do hypertrophy as it makes my metabolism shoot through the roof. im on +1200 cals over maintainence on those weeks and im hardly gaining, strength weeks about 900-1000 cals over maintainence.

For each lift on strength days how much are you reducing your max lifts by to calculate everything? ive gone with about 5-10 lbs lower than my theoretical max each time and ive had no problems, infact ive underestimated myself on occation.
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