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Originally Posted by WorkoutMchne View Post
Has your weight gone back up at all? Do you attribute the decline in weight solely to the shoevling or possibly to burning more calories during the new workouts? What is your assessment at this point of the program, although it may be to early to make an assessment, so that may not be a fair question.

Also, dude I didn't know you had done the russian routine before, I should have sent it to you earlier to get some advice. You got any advice or tips for me (I have to destroy the kid)?
Weight is still low, not sure because I am eating more and eating consistently. I think it is a combination of factors, every time I increase calories my metabolism shifts into overdrive (naturally) and burns more, then when you add in the extra calories burned from shoveling constantly and yes, the workouts, I guess it all makes sense. I have been feeling much DOMS on this program which I definitely believe means more calories burned because my body is obviously being forced to repair the sore/damaged tissue.

It is early to make much of an assessment, but I will say that I think the adjustments you made to the percentages was a good choice as I have struggled hitting those percents on Strength days. I think the set up is brilliant, giving each muscle group 2 days completely off before being hit again in some manner and the alternating hyper, strength and DE days. And having 2 weeks before coming back to the repeat workout really gets you pumped to beat it. I have now done 3 workouts for the 2nd time, and I beat my previous performance each time.

What did you think of my tweak? Adding in the lower weight power set as a primer during the long rest periods.

Regarding the Russian routine, I may not be the person to ask for advice, I bombed out of it.

I based my percentage of my ACTUAL max though. So call me an idiot! Now I have since learned from reading about other programs (5/3/1, yours, etc) that it is usually a good idea to take a little off your max to calculate your working percentages. That would be my advice.

Gotta head to a birthday party, will post my Squat and Military workouts later.

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