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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
What's your experience been like working with my bro (gym and lab)?
In a word, as Jake would put it, "Awesome." What I've learned from your brother in both scenarios has been invaluable.

In the lab Jake was already a 2 year veteran by the time I arrived in the Fall of '08. Florida St. is a good place and our major professor is awesome, but most of my opportunities have come from Jake. He set me up with my first study and let me do my thing with it and now I'm submitting it as a first author. When I made the visit to FSU Jake sold me on the place because he was a like minded individual and there aren't too many out there. I owe a lot to your brother as to where I am academically: whether it be research, class, dealing with ridiculous professors. Also, when I limp into the lab Jake is the only one who understands why and doesn't ask what is wrong with me. You name it Jake has helped me. The only thing that you can't ask Jake to do is label microtubes for blood during a muscle damage study, that doesn't work out to well sometimes.

In the gym we fed off each other a lot. Jake and I trained together in my garage 5-6 days a week (sometimes twice a day) from March '09 to October '09. He helped me lay out the formula for the program I've developed which has taken my strength to a new level. I taught him how to lift weights, before he just picked heavy stuff up, now he picks up heavier stuff and he does it correctly. Then he tried to get me to bodybuild and I said no and I tried to get him to powerlift full-time and he said no (I haven't given up though). We're good at different things in the gym so the time that we trained together was one of the most important times in my career so far and an amazing learning experience.
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