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Originally Posted by will-work4andro View Post
my first question to you...we all know that you are a PhD student at FSU and an animal in the gym. What's the hardest thing about being a competitive strength athlete and a doctoral student? and how do you overcome these obstacles?
First, thank you for the compliments.

The hardest thing about being a doctoral student is an easy question to answer. This is having to deal with the type of people in academia. A lot of people are great, but for most academia is its own little world and many of them have not had an experience in an applied realm. Because of this many professors, I feel, look down upon my practical experience. Also, the culture in academia is such that some individuals do not wish everybody well. These are the people who do not work hard. These people don't understand that competition is about out working and outperforming someone else and not wishing someone else to do poorly so they can better themselves. This is an extremely poor mentality and unfortunately because I like to work hard certain people take this as an insult rather than an opportunity to work harder themselves.

As far as being a strength athlete it's realizing that wanting to be good isn't enough. It comes down to how hard to you want to work for it? And how much do you hate to lose? I mean everybody wants to win, but winners hate to lose. This is what makes you successful. You can never be satisfied where your at, if you are then you will stop getting better. But I guess the hardest part aside from the mental aspect (which is what makes you great) is simply figuring out what works and what doesn't. If we all knew what worked, we would all deadlift 900 pounds.

Thanks for the invitation to the well Andro.
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