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Originally Posted by Ellingham View Post
Been a while since i checked in, workouts looking great as always. Nice work on the deads man!


Had a "What the..." moment this morning. I stepped on the scale and it registered 194.5!

I expect weight fluctuations and especially when my metabolism is revving after my recent increase in calories, but this was a bit much. I dunno, maybe it's my soaked oats, lol. I'm finally digesting properly and pooping out the pounds.

Furthermore, my right delt is super sore, I favor it when shoveling. I am trying to get done as fast and efficiently as possible so I don't think about trying to equal the load for both sides, I just go with what works....and that leaves my right shoulder handling most of the load. And it just keep snowing!

I am hoping it won't impact my Bench Hypertrophy tonight, good thing about hypertrophy night, no percentage of 1RM to hit, just have to get some reps in.

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