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Thighs/Calves super sets; bis/brachilis occluded
Bodypart Exercise Reps Sets
Squats w/ sissy squats 3*10 3
Incline squat machine w/ stiff leg deads 3*10 3
Leg extensions w/ belt squats 3*10 3
Glut-ham raise w/ reverse hyperextension 3*10 3
Incline calve raise w/ reverse plate raises 5*10 5
barbell curls 4*15-20 occluded
Horizontal leg press w/ toe raises 3*10 3
Abductor machine w/ adductor 3*10 3
Leg extensions w/ hamstring curls 3*10 3
Seated calve raise w/ reverse tibialis machine 5*10 5
Reverse barbell curls 4*15-20 occluded

That was todays workout. Absolutely brutal. I feel like my legs were on the verge of injury! But in a good way.

I still felt a bit of a cramping sensation during squats. I don't get it.
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