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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
commander, quick question, do u ever do any cardio? you stay lean...but at the same time i never see cardio in your log! how do you manage to stay lean...I am a recovering run a holic..hahah recently have decided to tone my running back, i feel guilty in my head! lol

-Question: are you only listing your working sets...or is that everything..what about warmups? i know you are using the dynmaic warmup, but what about some lighter sets on the lifts you are doing?
Well, I'm not as lean as I'd like. I carry fat in my pecs, lower back and abs, and of course, there's a little extra in the glutes. I never to cardio, occasionally, I'll throw in some jump rope between sets if I have to rest a long time between sets. But, I've probably done less than 30 minutes of jump rope since finishing my cut in mid-Summer of 2009. So, the answer is, I only really do cardio during a cut.

How do I stay lean? Well, as I mentioned, I'm not as lean as I'd like, but I stay relatively lean by attempting to gain weight slowly and eat clean 98% of the time. For example, when I first started my bulk, I was losing weight due to my metabolism adjusting. I didn't sweat it, I remained patient.

Yes, I'm only listing working sets. I fluctuate back and forth in my log between listing everything and only listing working sets. Right now, it's just working sets. My lighter sets are not for reps, just 1, 2 or 3 reps max to get my body used to the weight as I gradually increase to my working range.


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